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Updated: May 7, 2020


May 6th, 2020

Contact: Ariana Rodriguez, GABRIELA LA,

Leading Filipino women’s organization, GABRIELA LA, calls on Filipinos to condemn the latest from the Duterte regime

LOS ANGELES, CA - On Tuesday, May 5, the Philippine government ordered ABS-CBN, the largest broadcast network in the Philippines, to immediately shut down broadcasting and operation.

This order comes on the heels of World Press Freedom day, and demonstrates the fascism that characterizes President Duterte’s regime. President Duterte has been outspoken for his dislike of the media outlet, documented as far back as March 2017, after the network aired a legitimate political advertisement that was critical of him.

GABRIELA Los Angeles will join the Emergency Rally hosted by the Malaya movement today, May 6th, 2020 at 4pm PT to show our support for the public’s right to access information and for the importance of defending press freedom. To join in the collective virtual action, you can register here, or at

The following is a statement from GABRIELA Los Angeles:

“As the Los Angeles chapter of GABRIELA, in the middle of a media hub ourselves, we condemn the orchestrated decision to shut down ABS-CBN.

“We are in solidarity with the masses of Filipinos across the world that are fighting to defend press freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

“The last time ABS-CBN was off the air was September 21, 1972 after Ferdinand Marcos declared nationwide Martial Law. Duterte’s move to shut down ABS-CBN is similarly a move to chip away at the democratic institutions left in the Philippines. Despite the absence of an outright declaration of martial law, parts of the Philippines have experienced militarized streets, unjust arrests, and trumped up charges against human rights defenders -- examples of de facto martial law. These violations continue to be committed amid the COVID-19 crisis.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, the public is reliant now more than ever on potentially life-saving information. This is why the order to shut ABS-CBN down is especially dangerous -- it is a threat to press freedom, public health, and democracy. For many overseas Filipinos, ABS-CBN provides a connection to the Philippines, from Tagalog teleseryes to news broadcasts.

“We are calling on Filipinos in Los Angeles to join us in condemning this attack on democracy. It was the People Power Revolution that got ABS-CBN and other press outfits back in operation after the dictator Marcos sought to shut them down. Filipinos, let us channel our outrage into action into protecting our rights and health especially during this time of fascism under Duterte.”






GABRIELA-Los Angeles is a grassroots organization of Filipinas fighting for the rights of people in the Los Angeles community through education, organizing, campaigns, and cultural work.

We strive to build a mass movement recognizing that the problems Filipinos face are linked to the root problems of the Philippines.


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